Lose Weight Ready for Summer

We seem to be heading swiftly in to the Hong Kong summer and it is that time of year where we bare more skin in the hot and humid weather. It is that time of year when we want to fight the flab and de-wobble our bum, de-flab our legs and shrink the bingo wings.

Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP), a weight loss system designed in the UK 40 years by medical doctors and one of the most successful weight loss plans in the UK. Dr. Alan Howard and Dr. Ian McLean developed the diet as medical products to fight the battle of the bulge, and Cambridge is available in Hong Kong.

Cambridge helps to address the modern day problem of overweight through the specially developed ‘Steps’ or programs that can comfortably suit different lifestyles and weight goals depending on the individual. The diet is a safe option as a low calorie diet (LCD) compared to other weight plans because it is medically backed and proved. Depending on the program that is chosen, daily calorie intake can be 550 kcals for super-fast, safe weight loss or the popular 810 program that gives room for food with a real meal or 1200 kcal per day that balances Cambridge products with breakfast, lunch and dinner meal options.

We all want to have a quick fix for weight loss, especially when we see summer is approaching, but sometimes we can be reluctant to start a plan or follow a meal replacement program because we question whether we can stick to it, will get enough nutrients and if we have the will-power to succeed. Any weight loss plan takes commitment, determination and wanting to look and feel better in t-shirts and shorts, and that’s when a supportive Cambridge Consultant can guide and motivate you. Cambridge Consultants are with you all the way through your weight loss journey, from helping you choose a plan to advising you on how to maintain your new slim figure.

When we make small, simple changes and stick to them, we can completely change our weight and how we feel. And that’s what Cambridge does. Samantha Orson, a successful weight loss dieter who went from a UK size 18 to size 10 using the Sole Source program said, “Cambridge Weight Plan has taken me from a depressed, unconfident person to finally feeling comfortable in my own skin; it has given me the confidence to achieve things I never thought were possible”. It does take hard work to lose weight, we have to usually give something up, as well as make some changes to get the results.

However, usually the hardest part is starting something rather than the doing. For some people following a total meal replacement plan can be a too much of a removal from real food and from ones social calendar, however for others the short term commitment is a long term gain with their food choices and feeling fabulous. By taking time out to commit to a weight loss program we can stop to evaluate our daily consumption of what we eat, whether it is big portions, junk food, business lunches or unhealthy grab-on-the-go food. As Samantha says, “I am careful about what I’m eating now. Losing the weight has given me such a positive attitude and I always accept any invitation to push myself to the limit. I’ve joined a gym, have a personal trainer, regularly hike and I really enjoy running”. Cambridge can be the stepping-stone to arriving at long-term better habits.

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