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Lose Weight Ready for Summer

We seem to be heading swiftly in to the Hong Kong summer and it is that time of year where we bare more skin in the hot and humid weather. It is that time of year when we want to fight the flab and de-wobble our bum, de-flab our legs and shrink the bingo wings.

Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP), a weight loss system designed in the UK 40 years by medical doctors and one of the most successful weight loss plans in the UK. Dr. Alan Howard and Dr. Ian McLean developed the diet as medical products to fight the battle of the bulge, and Cambridge is available in Hong Kong.

Cambridge helps to address the modern day problem of overweight through the specially developed ‘Steps’ or programs that can comfortably suit different lifestyles and weight goals depending on the individual. The diet is a safe option as a low calorie diet (LCD) compared to other weight plans because it is medically backed and proved. Depending on the program that is chosen, daily calorie intake can be 550 kcals for super-fast, safe weight loss or the popular 810 program that gives room for food with a real meal or 1200 kcal per day that balances Cambridge products with breakfast, lunch and dinner meal options.

We all want to have a quick fix for weight loss, especially when we see summer is approaching, but sometimes we can be reluctant to start a plan or follow a meal replacement program because we question whether we can stick to it, will get enough nutrients and if we have the will-power to succeed. Any weight loss plan takes commitment, determination and wanting to look and feel better in t-shirts and shorts, and that’s when a supportive Cambridge Consultant can guide and motivate you. Cambridge Consultants are with you all the way through your weight loss journey, from helping you choose a plan to advising you on how to maintain your new slim figure.

When we make small, simple changes and stick to them, we can completely change our weight and how we feel. And that’s what Cambridge does. Samantha Orson, a successful weight loss dieter who went from a UK size 18 to size 10 using the Sole Source program said, “Cambridge Weight Plan has taken me from a depressed, unconfident person to finally feeling comfortable in my own skin; it has given me the confidence to achieve things I never thought were possible”. It does take hard work to lose weight, we have to usually give something up, as well as make some changes to get the results.

However, usually the hardest part is starting something rather than the doing. For some people following a total meal replacement plan can be a too much of a removal from real food and from ones social calendar, however for others the short term commitment is a long term gain with their food choices and feeling fabulous. By taking time out to commit to a weight loss program we can stop to evaluate our daily consumption of what we eat, whether it is big portions, junk food, business lunches or unhealthy grab-on-the-go food. As Samantha says, “I am careful about what I’m eating now. Losing the weight has given me such a positive attitude and I always accept any invitation to push myself to the limit. I’ve joined a gym, have a personal trainer, regularly hike and I really enjoy running”. Cambridge can be the stepping-stone to arriving at long-term better habits.

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Spring Absolutions

Doing a detox in Spring is a great way to kick start yourself.  When we detox and have a break from our usual over indulgent food and drink we can release toxins and fat.  Toxins according to some nutritionists make us fat, therefore anyone that eats and drinks too much alcohol, fizzy drinks or sugary and processed food will struggle to keep their weight off.  And who doesn’t over indulge during the social winter festive months?  Toxins are stored in fat cells, so they encourage your body to cling on to fat.  A regular diet will help you to lose weight but when we take it a step further and follow a short term detox programme then we can also target toxins as well as fat, which long term makes us feel great from the inside out.  Our skin glows, we feel lighter and can even sleep better.  It’s always good to kill two birds with one stone!  That’s why following a detox program can work if you are motivated to take a break from the C.R.A.P.

Following a good detox program will require you to take a break from:

  • Carbs
  • Refined sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Processed foods

That’s the C.R.A.P.  And that is what we need to temporarily eliminate (or eliminate for good if you wish).  It is about following a clean eating plan – unprocessed and fresh.  Some people view a detox as starvation or even worse a fast!  A good detox program is about getting you to eat sensible healthy meals whilst following supplements – if any.  It is about having a few days during the program of deep cleanse days by limiting your food intake to a minimum so that your body can go in to its own natural detoxification. It takes 48 hours for our bodies to do this and start cleansing the liver naturally.  Therefore, a good detox program is not starvation or a fast instead it can be easy and fun whilst eating real food and supporting your body’s natural detoxification.  When I work with clients I ask them to eat their favourite healthy meals during shake days as well as drink a nutritionally dense protein shake morning and evening that is full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  Having that one main meal doesn’t deprive you and helps you to start putting healthy back on your plate whilst releasing toxins and fat build up.

A detox is not about calorie counting; it’s about upping your healthy food intake and saying goodbye to the fatty and sugary processed foods and drinks we self-sabotage ourselves with.

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11, 10 and 7 day detox programs are available.

Special Delivery

Is natural birthing in vogue again?

HypnoBirthing is a natural birthing technique that can help with managing pain, but it is not for all mothers.  However, it is a technique that has been slowing gaining popularity, especially in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia.  You can now find HypnoBirthing practitioners in all four corners of the world and for a small minority of mothers this technique encourages natural birth.

So, what exactly is HypnoBirthing and can it deliver a calmer and easier birth for mothers?

HypnoBirthing teaches mothers to be confident about birthing her baby by letting go of her negative unwanted fears and worries whilst encouraging her to understand how her birthing body works which is ultimately designed for birthing.  The five sessions encourage the expectant mother to be calm, thus preventing the release of stress hormones, cortisol and catecholamine, which can slow down or even stop the natural flow of labour.  Instead HypnoBirthing is about positive thinking, visualisation and important breathing techniques that all help to change the mind’s physiology.  The three breathing patterns that are taught help mothers to stay calm and centred, so that during intense surges they are able to stay focused and relaxed.  When mothers are in this frame of mind endorphins and oxytocin hormones are released and intensify to naturally help the mother through active labour.  Furthermore, this also goes along way for baby too as mother’s breath is vital in helping to give more oxygen to him on his journey in to this world.  A lot of mothers report their babies come out looking pink and healthy rather than purple.  Also tearing is often not reported or to a minimum so that mothers can avoid episiotomy.  Something most mothers dread and wish they could have avoided because of postpartum perineal pain that can take up to a month or longer to heal.

What kind of mother and partner are drawn to HypnoBirthing?

To some extent it comes down to working out what suits each individual and a lot of mothers want a natural birth but do not always know how to go about it or how to trust in their instinct.  HypnoBirthing helps with these two main factors.  However, even if a mother does have to have a caesarean section the whole HypnoBirthing experience can truly help as one mother reported, “I was the calmest mother on the ward”.  Even when a mother wants a natural birth it is important to know when to let go of the birth plan and the course teaches mothers to be flexible as well as educated on all options in birthing by making them mindful of their choices.  The goal is to find out what suits each mother and be open as births can be unpredictable.  Elective C-section is an easier option for doctors as it only takes an hour and the time can be fixed.    The caesarean section in private hospitals in Hong Kong is 50 to 90 per cent, which is staggering!  It is not that this is alarming but in most cases unnecessary in the absence of special circumstances and complications.  The World Health Organisation suggest that about 12 per cent of women should have a caesarean, however, this number has significantly grown from when this surgical procedure was first performed by a European gynecologist in 1881.  The small minority of HypnoBirthing couples are growing and helping to change social stigmas regarding birthing by bringing it back to nature in a hospital setting.  A midwife with over 40 years of practising midwifery in London, New York and Shanghai, who supports HypnoBirthing births sums up our modern day dilemma,  “Women have been giving birth for thousands of years, unfortunately, with today’s modern technology, we are treating birthing as a medical procedure.  It’s time to bring it back to nature”.  Having a natural birth can be that extra gift with a special delivery.

Deborah Dewey,D.Hyp.
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Hypnosis v Meditation – what’s the difference?

A lot of people ask me to tell them the difference between hypnosis and meditation. Are they the same thing? One of the reasons it can be difficult to give a clear-cut answer is that both can be defined in broad terms. In regard to hypnosis it is a condition of narrowing your attention where you and your hypnotherapist work together so that suggestibility can be greatly heightened. All whilst being in a heightened state of relaxation like meditation. A hypnotherapist can never put suggestions in to your Mind that you do not want and it is important to know that you have to want your changes and be open to allowing them in for change to begin. Hypnosis has its aim as not the mere quieting of your mind, like meditation instead it goes a step further by utilising a change of mental conditioning delivered by the therapeutic suggestions.

When we see our Mind like a computer, a hypnotherapist literally goes in to reprogramme the ‘software’, which is your thoughts, behaviours or habits and changes them to the specific goal. Everyone can react differently to hypnosis, however 80% of us can go in to a light trance state, which is all that is required for suggestions to take effect. Hypnotherapy is more useful when you have a professional practitioner who works with you to finely tune these ‘old thoughts’ or stale mind patterns as the alpha-theta brainwaves can be reached faster.

In comparison meditation has many forms, for example, one method is guided meditation another is active meditation. Guided meditation is a popular choice for most people because it is one of the easiest types to do. Why? Because most of us are visual by nature, therefore, visualisation helps us to switch off our awakened consciousness and relax in to that wonderful space of an uplifted feeling and sense of calmness. Hypnosis also uses visualisation techniques.

Both hypnosis and meditation can release endorphins and uses the gateway of the inner mind to quieten us from our awakened consciousness of all the noise and clutter. Furthermore, we actually experience this state daily before we go to sleep. Therefore, hypnosis and meditation are similar, however the only big difference between hypnosis and meditation is perhaps what it’s called and the techniques used to arrive at the intended condition. Both can be used for self-development, where as meditation has an aim of quieting our thoughts, hypnosis on the other hand is a focused intention of our thoughts that is highly conducive to change.

‘Band on the Run…’ Hypno-Band Weight Loss Diary

For this blog, names have been changed for privacy and respect to the client.  I will refer to the client as ‘Amanda’ for this blog post. 

Amanda came to see me in June, 2013 in regard to wanting to lose weight and was willing to give the Hypno-Band a go as a weight loss method, as she had heard and read about this treatment online, as well as having seen this ‘out there hypnotherapy method’ in the media.  She had done the usual route of trying lots of diets and fads but non seemed right for her.  She was fed up with putting on more and more weight when she was desperate to lose it and fit back in to her ‘slim wardrobe’.  Amanda has now thrown out her ‘fat wardrobe’, as she calls it and has a new wardrobe of new clothes she feels fantastic in!

This is her personal journey with what Amanda experienced from the hypnotherapy sessions and her transformation.  Amanda to date has lost over 2 stones (28 lbs/13 kilos) and is still shedding the weight, thanks to doing hypnotherapy and specifically the Hypno-Band weight loss method. Amanda is over half way to her desired weight loss goal and has a much more healthier lifestyle with her husband.  She was committed to change, was open-minded and enjoyed the hypnotherapy sessions.  Here is part 1 of Amanda’s story in her own words…

BAND ON THE RUN………..A Hypno-Band journey

Entry No.1: June 2013.

It’s a hot, humid Tuesday morning. I return home from my daily power walk in the country park, and automatically jump on the scales – because that’s what I do – it’s a routine. The only issue is that it’s the most disheartening routine because all I feel is extreme disappointment.

I am FAT. I weigh 4 stone (25kg) more than I should, and it is entirely my fault.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not a new issue – I have battled with my weight since I was a teenager. I have gained weight, lost weight, tried every diet going – and I mean every diet–low carb, low fat, counting points, counting calories, fast days – you name it, I have done it; and to be fair to the creators of these innovative weight loss phenomenoms, they are probably excellent and probably do exactly ‘what they say on the tin’ – if you stick to them…and that’s my main problem. I have no will power at all. I am out of control and have let my excessive lifestyle take hold.

I make my breakfast of bagel, peanut butter and coffee, and sit down to enjoy it whilst sinking in to the latest tabloid stories of the Daily Mail – my online indulgence. And then it happens. Just in the middle of an update about Kate & Will’s expected baby, I am hit with the headline – I lost 3st after being hypnotized into thinking I had gastric band’.

I read the article. I read it again. And then I read it again…It all makes sense. The woman in the story is ME. She has my history, my habits, and my lifestyle. So, if this ‘Hypno-Band’ has worked for her – it can work for me. Right?

I’m excited. I need to research more. Success stories, reviews, pros and cons, is it all fake? And I reveal nothing but sense. There are virtually no negative threads online, plenty of success stories, medically its perfectly safe to do, and there is no ridiculous faddy dieting involved – its simply hypnosis, and channeling your mindset. Surely this is my answer.

I search and then enter the official ‘Hypno-Band’ website. It’s global – reassuring. Practioners – yes, good, there is one in Hong Kong – Deborah Dewey.

I email her…..actually nervously…sweaty palms….adrenaline rushing. Not sure if this is nerves of apprehension, or excitement of what may follow.

…and this where the journey really begins.

Entry No.2: The First Session.

So, the appointment is made and off I go to MidLevels (via Pizza Express for a last-opportunity Sloppy Giuseppe pizza pig-out). I arrive at the hypnotherapy address and I wait downstairs. I am offered water which I gladly take. I am sweating profusely, very, very nervous! Oh come on, get a grip! It feels like I’m waiting for a job interview!

Eventually I make my way upstairs and at the end of the corridor I find Deborah Dewey’s consultation room. It’s dark, and quiet – just how I imagined it would be. Anyway, after an initial ice-breaking conversation we get down to the basics. I’m led into describing my relationship with food – how I eat, how much I eat, what I eat, how I feel when I eat, what I ate like as a child and so on. Now, you would be correct if you think that this is just about making you feel guilty about the food you consume– in the space of a few minutes my carb-laden lunch suddenly feels like a crime. And then comes the worst moment of all….”Please step on the scales”. My heart sinks. I want the relaxing consultation floor to swallow me up. I’m huge. My BMI is through the roof, nestled comfortably in the region of ‘obese’.

How do I feel about that? I feel awful, I feel dreadful that I have allowed myself to get into this position – to have given permission for my self-control to be absorbed and taken over by the familiar over-indulging lifestyle of the middle-class expat in Asia.

The discussion moves on further to how I spend my time, and how I would like to spend my time – things I could do instead of eating and drinking – new hobbies, pastimes, those things you never do but think about doing…but to be honest, my mind has drifted – I am now in a haze, just thinking of the next step I need to make, the changes that have to take place. I’m 39 years old, and my body is being abused. What price am I going to pay for this later in life if I don’t take action now?

I’m given a food diary and told I need to complete it with everything I eat and drink, the time of day, and my thoughts at the time. I make another appointment and agree a weight loss target I need to achieve before the next session, by cutting down portions (I am told to eat out of a rice bowl – I don’t even own a rice bowl! – says it all about how I am in this position!) and to exercise. Now the exercise bit is fine, I like exercising – in 2007 I ran two half-marathons – so I know I can do this.

I leave the consultation room and I’m back in the hustle and bustle of Central. I need a drink. I go for a glass of wine – and strangely, it feels quite wrong, quiet bad…almost illegal.

After just one consultation a change is most definitely in process of being made.

HypnoBirthing Benefits

HypnoBirthing Helps!

HypnoBirthing is a wonderful tool to use for birthing for couples that desire a better birth experience.  Developed in the 1990s by Marie Mongan in the United States the method has spread internationally and is now a popular tool to use for birthing.  Deborah Dewey the only qualified and register HypnoBirthing instructor in Hong Kong says, “the practical techniques are practiced by mums-to-be, looking for a calmer birthing experience”.  The  popularity of HypnoBirthing has spread in the past 10 years in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany and is becoming a first choice for many mums in hospitals.  In the United Kingdom midwivies are seeing such a positive effect from HypnoBirthing that more midwivies are learning the tools to pass on to their expectant mums.

Birthing should be a happy time of preparing and getting ready to welcome their newborn. However,  for some couples it can be an overwhelming time of fear and change. Fear of the unknown and fear of the birth.  The philosophy of HypnoBirthing prepares the mums mindset for their labour day by giving her a sense of control, empowerment and the goal of giving her the birth that she truly desires without fear or tension.  HypnoBirthing allows couples to understand how the body and mind works and ultizes this by coupling it with the subtle technique of hypnosis.

What to Expect When Your Expecting:

In the well-structured HypnoBirthing classes mums are taught how to create deep levels of relaxation easily and effortlessly.  When we are in a deep level of relaxation this eliminates the fear that causes tension and thus, pain.  When we understand the Mind-Body connection of the “fight or flight” response we are able to control our reaction to it and this allows mum to be alert, fresh, awake and have more energy in the labour room.  It is well known in the HypnoBirthing world that Hypnobirthing mums have a shorter first phase of labour.  This is better not only for mum but for baby too.  The techniques learnt will also help to keep a healthy supply of oxygen to the baby during birthing.  Mei Kei, a midwife from China who has had valuable experience in New York, London, Beijing and Shanghai says “The method is very effective, couples are really relaxed.  Majority of them need no medical intervention, their labour is shorter and calmer”.  With over 40 years of experience as a midwife, Mei Kei has seen first hand how HypnoBirthing is changing our belief about birthing.  It is filling a well needed gap for a better birthing experience for mums in hospitals by allowing them to take control of their birthing bodies with confidence and by allowing them to be well informed of their choices.

Breathing techniques are core to the program and become a part of mums daily routine.  Through breathing mum can condition her mind and body in preparation for birth and create an ultimate state of relaxation.  In HypnoBirthing the breathing techniques taught suit birthing, as one DB mum says about her sessions with Deborah, “The easy-to-learn breathing techniques are practical and truly helpful”.

For HypnoBirthing mums the enemy of the labour room is catecholamines, the hormones that can be triggered in our ‘fight or flight” response to stress.  These act as constrictors which cause the muscles within the uterus and elsewhere in our body to tense.  Through the 4 key principles of HypnoBirthing; breathing, visualization, deepening and relaxation couples are taught how to identify emotional stress before and during labour, how to release it and bring mum back to a deepened relaxation.  In this state endorphins are released naturally, which have an effect that is 200 times more powerful than morphine.  HypnoBirthing tunes couples in to this tranquil, amnesiac conditioning by creating a pathway to the subconscious and tapping into these natural tranquilizers by helping to alleviate the pain and understand how to react and “let go” to it.  Guided imagery is taught in HypnoBirthing classes, a valuable tool because hypnotherapy understands that the majority of people, 80% of us are visual by nature and thus what our mind thinks we do become.  Therefore, where are mind leads our body follows and this will create a relaxed mum that welcomes her labour day with joy.

Creating Choices with HypnoBirthing

HypnoBirthing suits couples that want to take responsibility of their birth day and take control of their choices.  As a tool HypnoBirthing is geared towards couples that would like to have a natural birth experience.  However, HypnoBirthing supports mums who have epidurals and even mums who have a C-section planned.  Why?  Because the tools taught can create a more relaxed state of mind for the mum ready for her labour day in hospital, whatever the outcome.  As midwife, Mei Kei says, “Women have been giving birth for thousands of years, unfortunately, with today’s modern technology, we are treating birthing as a medical procedure.  It’s time to bring it back to nature”.  Whatever your beliefs are about birthing the program will change your pespective on birthing.  Deborah, a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist trained at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis made an easy choice to train as a HypnoBirthing instructor because it is the most special and happiest time in a woman’s life.  After completing the course Deborah saw birthing through fresh eyes.  She has always been an advocate for more natural birthing methods and Deborah understood that HypnoBirthing gives the tools a mum needs for birthing in todays modern hospitals.

During the 5 classes couples will learn an array of techniques and gather tools for their labour day.  The course comes with a complimentary HypnoBirthing, Mongan Method book and a relaxation CD, that is specifically geared for easier birthing.  A detailed and well informed Hand Book is also included for couples to use at home and in class.  Deborah offers private or small group classes.

If you have any further questions please call Deborah 6208 7321 and she will be more than happy to answer your questions.  I wish you a happy birthing day.                         Deborah Dewey, BA, D. Hyp. (LCCH)

Top 10 Reasons to Detox

We all eat and drink too much over the festive time of year with family and friends. It’s great to indulge with loved one and why not, it’s only Christmas once a year!  Life is about balance and the Christmas festive time is a great excuse to over-indulge on turkey, Christmas pudding, mince pies, mulled wine, chocolates and all our favourite things.

For more information on the detox programs, please go to the main detox page or the detox to retox menu.  To arrange your free detox consultation, contact Deborah directly.

A start of a new year is always a great time to detox.  Here are the top 10 reason why it is good to cleanse after Christmas time.

1. Lose weight and feel great!  

Top of the list to cleanse is weight loss as it will help kick start better healthier habits.  Get rid of your excess pounds easily and effortlessly with a powerful detox that will cleanse at a cellular level.  Remember, the detox we use is not a crash diet, it is a well-balanced cleanse that incorporates a sensible healthy meal plan during your detox. No excuse when it’s so easy!

2. Love your liver!  

When we have a clean healthy liver it supports our metabolism and fat burning ability.  I love mulled wine at Christmas time and must confess it’s easy to carried away on a glass or two when catching up with old and new friends at Christmas!  The ‘7 Day Love Your Liver’ detox is a perfect cleanse to do as it takes 7 days to rejunvenate your liver.  It’s a great excuse to have a break from alcohol and your body will love you for it too!

3. Slow the effects of aging.  

When we cleanse it helps replenish our cells and attack the effects of aging head on. What better way to turn the clock back by taking a short time out doing a deep cleanse!

4. Support your vital organs.  

When we do a gentle cleanse it allows all our main organs, our liver, colon, urinary tract, sweat glands, skin pores and lymphatic system, to perform more effeciently.  When I cleanse I love to support my cleanse time by taking regular sauna and steam room treatments at the gym.  This will help to speed up the detoxification process because our skin is our biggest organ.  A lymphatic message is also an excellent treatment whilst cleansing.

5. Kick start healthier cravings.  

I love this one!  When we cleanse it helps to replenish our internal body to convert nutrients in to healthier brain chemicals that create an environment that craves good nutritious food.  When I take time out to cleanse it always helps with making better healthier choices long after cleansing!  It has helped me to make better food choices at home, in the restaurant as well as choosing healthier daily snacks on the go!

6. Support brain chemistry.

This follows on from top number #5 as a detox can help us make better choices once you are in maintenance mode long after your cleanse!

7. Strengthen your immune system.

With our detox you will cleanse out impurities and flood your body with high grade essential nutrients that are plant and herb based.  This allows our internal body to stregthen from the inside out!

8. Restore antioxidants.

A cleanse program can help to fight free radicals.  Taking time out from junk and processed foods will help to restore antioxidants in our bodies.  Good body harmony!

9. Radiant health from the inside.

Our biggest organ is our skin and after a cleanse program we look more radiant.  Applying daily cream is not enough when we need to go skin deep on our lifestyle choices.  Cleansing helps us from the inside out!

10.  More energy.

When we detox we may initially have less energy as we go through the cleansing process (especially on days 2-4). However, by the end of a detox program, most people report a better feeling of well being as well as increased energy levels.  A great way to bounce in to the New Year feeling revitalised!

To find out more, please go to the Detox to Retox Menu  for all the programs and prices.  There are programs to suit your lifestyles, time out availability and goals.

Why detox?

I get lots of questions asking why is it good to detox, what does it involve and what are the benefits of cleansing?  These will answer some of the most common questions:

Why detox?

In this day and age, unfortunately we live in a more toxic environment than our grandmothers era.  We are bombarded with unhealthy processed food choices daily and it seems to be an easier option ‘to grab and go’ because our lives are busier than ever.  Juggling our work and family lives whilst eating well can be difficult.  It is good to kick start better and healthier habits through doing a cleanse and it helps us to stop and think about what we put in our bodies and ultimately use as ‘fuel’.  Unhealthy choices do catch up with us eventually.

How to Cleanse?

You can choose to do a long or short program.  It is best to address your personal goals and see how you can fit it in to your current lifestyle. Nutritional cleansing is easy!  It does take a bit of time management for it to be worthwhile, so choose a time when you have less social activities planned.  Did you know it only takes 7 days to rejuvenate your liver?  Ultimately, it is about having a mini break from the CRAP –

Carbs (white fluffy carbs only)Refined sugar, Alcohol, Processed foods.

Taking Timeout – When?

Some people take timeout and cleanse once a year. Other follow the seasons and cleanse 2-4 times a year.  It really is up to you. It is about you listening to your body.  After Christmas, before or after summer holidays are very popular times of the year.  Other people choose cleansing as a lifestyle choice to support better healthier habits or kick start themselves again.  Cleansing is great to balance out the unhealthier choices that we put in our bodies by taking a few days a month to cleanse.  We are all different and it is up to you to listen to your body – our bodies do ‘talk’ to us.  The most important thing is when you start to add cleansing to your lifestyle and recognise it as a healthy habit for your internal body. What happens on the inside shows on the outside – people who cleanse do reap the benefits and are usually healthier.

What are the Benefits?

  • reduce your body fat
  • lose weight and inches
  • have increased energy
  • create healthier habits
  • cleanses your internal organs
  • sleep better and better mental clarity

Which detox program?

It is important to choose the right program that suits you.  There are lots of cleanse programs to choose from.  The programs we use is what I like to call ‘an easy-man’s detox’.  It is not an extreme fast or juice fast and no colonic irrigation is involved.  It is very easy to juggle at home, work or play.  Our detox program is the #no.1 detox program from the USA, formulated by the leading USA mineral scientist.  The nutritional cleanse program is suitable for daily use and is packed with vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, for example, and uses only the highest sourced undernatured whey protein.  Ingredients are all-natural herb and plant extract.

Who can cleanse?

Cleansing is for adults, so anyone from 18 years onwards can do a full cleanse program.  Teenagers can do a modified program, but not the full cleanse and is always carried out with parental guidance.  It is advisable to not cleanse if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, on medication or recovering from a serious illness.   It is advisable to consult your doctor before starting any program.  To finish up, here is a wonderful testimonial from an English lady who did her first detox at 60! You are never too late to start!  You can begin cleansing at any age for it to benefit your health.  She took her detox program to England during her summer vacation and we communicated everyday, to make sure she was on track, this is what she has to say nearing the end of her 11 day program:

“Hi Deborah, another warm and sunny day in England, I have been so lucky to have such good weather. I have felt increasingly energized and well these past few days. I think I will try to continue a programme of cleansing every so often, as I find the shake and the cleanse very palatable and I adore the chocolate snacks”.

Enjoy discovering the benefits of cleansing!

Welcome to My Website and Blog

I will be using this blog to post about my journey as a hypnotherapist and detox diva and other things that I’m involved with. I’m only just getting started but have lots of things planned for 2012.


I am now offering private 1:1 sessions at home with mums-to-be that would like to learn tools for a calm, gentle and more relaxed birth. HypnoBirthing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for parents on their birthing plans in the UK, US and Australia.


I am a detox diva at Downtown Detox. Everyone’s talking about our detox so please check out the Downtown Detox website to meet the other Detox Diva’s and for more on detoxing. We love it and you’ll love it too!

Here are my top two favourite detox testimonials so far this year:

“I was a sceptic. I have read too much about diet programmes that promise the world and deliver little. Downtown Detox is different. With the support of my consultant, Deborah Dewey, I have lost 3.5kg and my skin is radiant.
It has been two months since I started the programme and I feel revitalised and energetic. I have no hesitation in recommending this programme to others who want to lose weight in a sensible and healthy way.” ~ Lorna from Australia.

“Doing the detox program with Deborah allowed me to lose 6.5 kilo’s but more importantly get back a feeling that I had a healthy body. I won’t say it was easy but the results speak for themselves. I thought the hardest thing would be to give up my daily coffee habit but I didn’t miss it at all. Overall I found the whole experience uplifting and life changing. The detox program has shown me that there is another way to live. I would thoroughly recommend the program to anyone who cares about their body and the fuel they feed it.” ~ John from Australia

I’d like to thank Lorna and John for sharing their detox experience. Well done on your fabulous results!


I have affiliated with Hypoxi HK to bring the best service for cleansing and sculpting the body at the same time. Get a head start for summer and bare your skin with confidence. It’s truly a magic formula for your body!


Coming later in the year, you will be able to buy Telomeres Antioxidant Support Supplement right here!

These are a complex blend of 28 botanicals and minerals that help support your body and have anti-aging properties. The special formula contains powerful antioxidants like Tumeric, Resveratrol, DL-alpha lipoic acid, Bilberry, Pomegratate, and Blueberry. I’ll write more about these supplements later in the year.

That’s all for now. Although I’d like to give a big thank you to Tim Ryerson for getting me online and building this website. He’s done a fabulous job!