Cambridge Weight Plan

Lose Weight Easily the CWP Way!

CWP is a flexible, fast and convenient way to lose weight. There are a variety of plans and products to make weight loss easy and it’s affordable. CWP offers affordable plans tailored to suit your lifestyle and weight loss goal. People also choose CWP for nutritional maintenance, after exercise or on-the-go as a healthier choice.

As a certified Cambridge Consultant, Deborah will guide you with the program that best suits you. She offers tips and suggestions for weight management for the long term. Also she can support you with any food cravings, alcohol issues or any other struggles that are blocking the weight loss.

Do you have a goal? Contact Deborah to find out more and get started today.

Why Cambridge?

  • improved health and energy
  • regain self-esteem and confidence
  • continuous support and motivation from Deborah
  • permanent weight loss made possible

How do I get started?

Please contact Deborah to have an informal chat to see if CWP will suit you.

The 6 Steps

To schedule your initial CWP consultation contact Deborah either by email or a phone call on 6208 7321.

Consultation: $490 and includes: weigh in, measurements, weight tracking booklet, Steps guide, meal and snack suggestions.

Promotions, Products & Prices

Please take a look at products & prices for more details on the complete range and flavours available.  Please ask Deborah if there is currently a promotion for you to take action on and get started today!

CWP for Men

Men and CWP work well together.  A popular choice for guys.  Why?

  • Convenient – no measuring of ingredients or making low-cal meals. Great for a busy schedule and takes less than a minute to make.  Easy!
  • Flexible – structured flexible plans that includes real food
  • Fuel – provides fuel with minerals and nutrients
  • Transparent – men like the technical nature of CWP, the calorie-counting to see how much consumed and burned with clear labelling
  • Results – guys see their partner get results and want part of the action for fast release of their beer belly bulge or unwanted kilos

CWP Medical Research

Created by British doctor, Dr. Alan Howard 40 years ago whilst working at Cambridge University. His aim was to develop a diet program that offered safe, fast and effective weight loss. After many years of research and clinical trials he launched the Cambridge Diet in the UK and USA. CWP has evolved and expanded significantly, it remains one of the leading diet plans backed by doctors.

CWP is scientifically proven.  The company funds an extensive medical research unit to provide gold-standard evidence for weight loss, medical benefits and to prove that weight maintenance is possible. CWP delivers!

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