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The Benefits

Cleansing is not just about weight loss. It’s much more than that. Cleansing will give your body a much needed rest from alcohol, coffee, processed foods, refined sugars and unhealthy white carbs. Cleansing your body will also help:

  • Kick start healthier eating
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Cleanse your largest organ – the skin
  • Help you feel more energised
  • Provide healthier functioning of your main organs

Please contact Deborah to have a chat to see which program will suit you.

Detox to Retox Packages

Deborah provides a free consultation. Programs start from $1,200.  Please take a look at the price list for more details.

Please note: the nutritional cleanse programs are not a low calorie diet (LCD). This is not a traditional diet or a fast. Shake days involve maintaining a sensible calorie intake of between 1,200-1,500 calories per day. Deep cleanse days are the only very low calorie restricted part of the program.  Cleanse days can be modified to suit your needs, goals and lifestyle, if required. If weight loss is not your goal, programs can be modified for weight gain or weight maintenance. Tell Deborah specifically what your goal is.

What is Included?

The nutritional cleanse programs include protein shakes, as well as supplements to help burn fat and increase your metabolism naturally. For deep cleanse days you will drink herbal-based drinks that will target toxins and help to eliminate them from your body.

During the detox you can include complex carbohydrates, for example, brown or wild thai rice, couscous, buckwheat, quinoa, whole grain breads and pastas. This will ensure long lasting energy levels, so you won’t feel so hungry. Meal and snack suggestions will be provided.

How it Works?

When we cleanse the process helps to support a clean healthy liver. This helps your metabolism, burns fat and promotes a healthy thyroid function ~ when your thyroid is healthy, your energy levels soar.

The protein shake is made to a high standard that includes vitamins, trace minerals and key amino acids to replenish your body. This source of protein is from New Zealand grass-fed cows and has a balanced ratio of healthy fats, energy-boosting carbohydrates and key enzymes that help maximise the absorption straight in to your body

The cleanse drink helps to naturally cleanse the body. The main active ingredient is aloe vera which gently cleanses your colon, plus there are additional antioxidant fruit and plant extracts to give your body a boost.

Contact Deborah to find out more.

Why Cleanse?

Nutritional cleansing has increased in popularity as a way to ensure better health. It feels good to take time out to rebalance and rejuvenate our body for optimum functioning, counteract stress, pollution and have a total break from junk food.

Your body stores toxins in the fat cells, which build up, after time this makes our bodies less efficient and harmful free radicals are weakened. Our metabolism can slow down, which in turn regulates our nutrient intake and weight. After cleansing, people report feeling more energized and have a better sense of well being.

Give your body a rest and the respect it deserves by taking a few days out to rejuvenate itself naturally and follow a program to optimise the process.

Additional note: Full detox programs are not suitable for anyone pregnant or breastfeeding. Under 18s can take part in the nutrition part of the program but not the full cleanse. The nutritional cleanse pages on this site are not intended to give medical advise and is for information only. Always consult your doctor or health care provider before undertaking any detox program.

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