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Is natural birthing in vogue again?

HypnoBirthing is a natural birthing technique that can help with managing pain, but it is not for all mothers.  However, it is a technique that has been slowing gaining popularity, especially in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia.  You can now find HypnoBirthing practitioners in all four corners of the world and for a small minority of mothers this technique encourages natural birth.

So, what exactly is HypnoBirthing and can it deliver a calmer and easier birth for mothers?

HypnoBirthing teaches mothers to be confident about birthing her baby by letting go of her negative unwanted fears and worries whilst encouraging her to understand how her birthing body works which is ultimately designed for birthing.  The five sessions encourage the expectant mother to be calm, thus preventing the release of stress hormones, cortisol and catecholamine, which can slow down or even stop the natural flow of labour.  Instead HypnoBirthing is about positive thinking, visualisation and important breathing techniques that all help to change the mind’s physiology.  The three breathing patterns that are taught help mothers to stay calm and centred, so that during intense surges they are able to stay focused and relaxed.  When mothers are in this frame of mind endorphins and oxytocin hormones are released and intensify to naturally help the mother through active labour.  Furthermore, this also goes along way for baby too as mother’s breath is vital in helping to give more oxygen to him on his journey in to this world.  A lot of mothers report their babies come out looking pink and healthy rather than purple.  Also tearing is often not reported or to a minimum so that mothers can avoid episiotomy.  Something most mothers dread and wish they could have avoided because of postpartum perineal pain that can take up to a month or longer to heal.

What kind of mother and partner are drawn to HypnoBirthing?

To some extent it comes down to working out what suits each individual and a lot of mothers want a natural birth but do not always know how to go about it or how to trust in their instinct.  HypnoBirthing helps with these two main factors.  However, even if a mother does have to have a caesarean section the whole HypnoBirthing experience can truly help as one mother reported, “I was the calmest mother on the ward”.  Even when a mother wants a natural birth it is important to know when to let go of the birth plan and the course teaches mothers to be flexible as well as educated on all options in birthing by making them mindful of their choices.  The goal is to find out what suits each mother and be open as births can be unpredictable.  Elective C-section is an easier option for doctors as it only takes an hour and the time can be fixed.    The caesarean section in private hospitals in Hong Kong is 50 to 90 per cent, which is staggering!  It is not that this is alarming but in most cases unnecessary in the absence of special circumstances and complications.  The World Health Organisation suggest that about 12 per cent of women should have a caesarean, however, this number has significantly grown from when this surgical procedure was first performed by a European gynecologist in 1881.  The small minority of HypnoBirthing couples are growing and helping to change social stigmas regarding birthing by bringing it back to nature in a hospital setting.  A midwife with over 40 years of practising midwifery in London, New York and Shanghai, who supports HypnoBirthing births sums up our modern day dilemma,  “Women have been giving birth for thousands of years, unfortunately, with today’s modern technology, we are treating birthing as a medical procedure.  It’s time to bring it back to nature”.  Having a natural birth can be that extra gift with a special delivery.

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