Why detox?

I get lots of questions asking why is it good to detox, what does it involve and what are the benefits of cleansing?  These will answer some of the most common questions:

Why detox?

In this day and age, unfortunately we live in a more toxic environment than our grandmothers era.  We are bombarded with unhealthy processed food choices daily and it seems to be an easier option ‘to grab and go’ because our lives are busier than ever.  Juggling our work and family lives whilst eating well can be difficult.  It is good to kick start better and healthier habits through doing a cleanse and it helps us to stop and think about what we put in our bodies and ultimately use as ‘fuel’.  Unhealthy choices do catch up with us eventually.

How to Cleanse?

You can choose to do a long or short program.  It is best to address your personal goals and see how you can fit it in to your current lifestyle. Nutritional cleansing is easy!  It does take a bit of time management for it to be worthwhile, so choose a time when you have less social activities planned.  Did you know it only takes 7 days to rejuvenate your liver?  Ultimately, it is about having a mini break from the CRAP –

Carbs (white fluffy carbs only)Refined sugar, Alcohol, Processed foods.

Taking Timeout – When?

Some people take timeout and cleanse once a year. Other follow the seasons and cleanse 2-4 times a year.  It really is up to you. It is about you listening to your body.  After Christmas, before or after summer holidays are very popular times of the year.  Other people choose cleansing as a lifestyle choice to support better healthier habits or kick start themselves again.  Cleansing is great to balance out the unhealthier choices that we put in our bodies by taking a few days a month to cleanse.  We are all different and it is up to you to listen to your body – our bodies do ‘talk’ to us.  The most important thing is when you start to add cleansing to your lifestyle and recognise it as a healthy habit for your internal body. What happens on the inside shows on the outside – people who cleanse do reap the benefits and are usually healthier.

What are the Benefits?

  • reduce your body fat
  • lose weight and inches
  • have increased energy
  • create healthier habits
  • cleanses your internal organs
  • sleep better and better mental clarity

Which detox program?

It is important to choose the right program that suits you.  There are lots of cleanse programs to choose from.  The programs we use is what I like to call ‘an easy-man’s detox’.  It is not an extreme fast or juice fast and no colonic irrigation is involved.  It is very easy to juggle at home, work or play.  Our detox program is the #no.1 detox program from the USA, formulated by the leading USA mineral scientist.  The nutritional cleanse program is suitable for daily use and is packed with vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, for example, and uses only the highest sourced undernatured whey protein.  Ingredients are all-natural herb and plant extract.

Who can cleanse?

Cleansing is for adults, so anyone from 18 years onwards can do a full cleanse program.  Teenagers can do a modified program, but not the full cleanse and is always carried out with parental guidance.  It is advisable to not cleanse if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, on medication or recovering from a serious illness.   It is advisable to consult your doctor before starting any program.  To finish up, here is a wonderful testimonial from an English lady who did her first detox at 60! You are never too late to start!  You can begin cleansing at any age for it to benefit your health.  She took her detox program to England during her summer vacation and we communicated everyday, to make sure she was on track, this is what she has to say nearing the end of her 11 day program:

“Hi Deborah, another warm and sunny day in England, I have been so lucky to have such good weather. I have felt increasingly energized and well these past few days. I think I will try to continue a programme of cleansing every so often, as I find the shake and the cleanse very palatable and I adore the chocolate snacks”.

Enjoy discovering the benefits of cleansing!

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