Top 10 Reasons to Detox

We all eat and drink too much over the festive time of year with family and friends. It’s great to indulge with loved one and why not, it’s only Christmas once a year!  Life is about balance and the Christmas festive time is a great excuse to over-indulge on turkey, Christmas pudding, mince pies, mulled wine, chocolates and all our favourite things.

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A start of a new year is always a great time to detox.  Here are the top 10 reason why it is good to cleanse after Christmas time.

1. Lose weight and feel great!  

Top of the list to cleanse is weight loss as it will help kick start better healthier habits.  Get rid of your excess pounds easily and effortlessly with a powerful detox that will cleanse at a cellular level.  Remember, the detox we use is not a crash diet, it is a well-balanced cleanse that incorporates a sensible healthy meal plan during your detox. No excuse when it’s so easy!

2. Love your liver!  

When we have a clean healthy liver it supports our metabolism and fat burning ability.  I love mulled wine at Christmas time and must confess it’s easy to carried away on a glass or two when catching up with old and new friends at Christmas!  The ‘7 Day Love Your Liver’ detox is a perfect cleanse to do as it takes 7 days to rejunvenate your liver.  It’s a great excuse to have a break from alcohol and your body will love you for it too!

3. Slow the effects of aging.  

When we cleanse it helps replenish our cells and attack the effects of aging head on. What better way to turn the clock back by taking a short time out doing a deep cleanse!

4. Support your vital organs.  

When we do a gentle cleanse it allows all our main organs, our liver, colon, urinary tract, sweat glands, skin pores and lymphatic system, to perform more effeciently.  When I cleanse I love to support my cleanse time by taking regular sauna and steam room treatments at the gym.  This will help to speed up the detoxification process because our skin is our biggest organ.  A lymphatic message is also an excellent treatment whilst cleansing.

5. Kick start healthier cravings.  

I love this one!  When we cleanse it helps to replenish our internal body to convert nutrients in to healthier brain chemicals that create an environment that craves good nutritious food.  When I take time out to cleanse it always helps with making better healthier choices long after cleansing!  It has helped me to make better food choices at home, in the restaurant as well as choosing healthier daily snacks on the go!

6. Support brain chemistry.

This follows on from top number #5 as a detox can help us make better choices once you are in maintenance mode long after your cleanse!

7. Strengthen your immune system.

With our detox you will cleanse out impurities and flood your body with high grade essential nutrients that are plant and herb based.  This allows our internal body to stregthen from the inside out!

8. Restore antioxidants.

A cleanse program can help to fight free radicals.  Taking time out from junk and processed foods will help to restore antioxidants in our bodies.  Good body harmony!

9. Radiant health from the inside.

Our biggest organ is our skin and after a cleanse program we look more radiant.  Applying daily cream is not enough when we need to go skin deep on our lifestyle choices.  Cleansing helps us from the inside out!

10.  More energy.

When we detox we may initially have less energy as we go through the cleansing process (especially on days 2-4). However, by the end of a detox program, most people report a better feeling of well being as well as increased energy levels.  A great way to bounce in to the New Year feeling revitalised!

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